Pilates in Motion Teachers

Any Pilates studio can only ever be as good as its teachers. We have a dedicated team of Pilates professionals who are commited to their own development, as well as the development of the people whom they teach.


Patricia Lajtai

Patricia Lajtai

Patricia Lajtai’s background is in dance, having trained in her native Hungary in ballet, contemporary dance and ballroom. She moved to London in order to become a professional ballroom dancer and it was here that she discovered pilates after a foot injury ended her dancing career. Patricia is a member of the PILATESfoundation® as a matwork teacher, having trained with Pilates in Motion.

She is keen for her class participants to gain the key points of the Pilates method whilst enjoying the movement quality of the exercises.



Julie Powell

Julie Powell

Julie Powell has done dance classes from childhood into adulthood, but opted out of turning professional. Julie first dabbled in Pilates as early as 1995, to enhance her dancing technique.
It was in 1998 that a chiropractor suggested that Pilates would afford Julie longevity in her pastime of dance. This time, putting Pilates regularly on her calender and seeing the results, she decided to train withTrevor Blount in South Kensington. It turned out to be a long training course with a couple of major stops to have 2 children. However, those interruptions gave her the invaluable first hand experience of Pilates during and post pregnancy.

Julie continues to work for Trevor Blount, and being local to Pitshanger Lane has also joined the teaching team at Pilates in Motion to share her experience.



Jelica Kricskovics

Jelica Kricskovics was trained as a dancer and choreographer at the Hungarian Dance Academy. She turned to Pilates after an injury, and decided to train to teach the method. Since she qualified in 2008 she has taught in both Edinburgh and London.

Jelica's teaching style is influenced by her dance background and, with it, she aims to help everyone in her classes improve their body awareness and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Jelica will be returning form maternity leave in the Spring of 2018.



Kavita Jassal

Kavita Jassal 

Kavita Jassalspent years hunched over a computer for 8-10 hours a day, working in the corporate banking world. Suffering from poor posture and chronic stiffness, she discovered Pilates, and found that it completely rejuvenated her.

She went on to train to teach both mat and studio Pilates with Alan Herdman. She has been inspired by what Pilates has done for her and it gives her great satisfaction to help others achieve the same results from Pilates. Her classes aim to encourage the connection of body and mind, to help people understand their bodies, and to achieve better health both mentally and physically.



Mary Schiffer

Mary Schiffer

Mary Schiffer came to the Pilates Method in 1998 through lower back pain and upon entering the studio was struck by the fact that every generation was represented in the room.  In that initial visit Joseph Pilates' assertion that “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” made perfect sense to her. After a career of sales and customer service, she embarked on Pilates Matwork teacher training with Anoushka Boone in 2012.

Through her Pilates practice, and using her client-oriented professional background, she is keen to guide individuals to find a deeper connection with and understanding of their bodies.



Sana Basma

Sana Basma

Sana Basma's first exposure to Pilates started at her local gym. Right from the start, she fell in love with Pilates. Through years of practise, Sana realised the positive impact that Pilates was having on her to alleviate the stress caused by her fashion industry work environment and decided to explore Pilates deeper, and so began her journey with Pilates. Sana trained with the Pilates Foundation as a Pilates mat teacher in 2006 and in 2012, she trained as a Pilates studio teacher with Pilates in Motion.

Sana is passionate about Pilates and is continually driven by sharing her love of the Pilates method with her clients, to help them to move better. She loves to watch them integrate the work in their bodies and lives.



Clare Gillett

Clare Gillett discovered Pilates after having children. She found that Pilates enabled her to reconnect with her body through regular practice and loved it so much she decided to undergo teacher training at Pilates in Motion.

She enjoys the challenge of Pilates practice and learns something new every time she gets on the mat. She wants to share her passion for the practice and help clients find awareness and develop strong connections with their movement.

Clare loves the challenge of finding that key ingredient in a mat class - opposition, and believes that finding this element in each exercise transforms one’s practice from 'just doing' to feeling the whole body commitment.

Other interests include Pilates apparatus, weight training, running, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.



Melina Kossoff

For Melina Kossoff, Pilates is all about movement, not just within the exercise itself but between the exercises too. She believes that a class should flow, gradually building and receding in complexity and tempo throughout.

This wasn't always the case; when she began practicing some 15 years ago it was all about small movements, but after working with some inspirational teachers her appreciation of the technique grew and she decided to undertake the matwork training with Pilates In Motion in an endeavour to understand the ethos and better her technique. This has resulted in a somewhat unexpected, but no less passionate, desire to teach! She likes nothing better than to help people learn to move, to lengthen their bodies and limbs and increase their joint flexibility- to find that perfect cue that makes them go 'Ah...I get it'. 

She will further her training in the New Year when she undertakes the apparatus course with Anoushka and the team.