Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Mat and apparatus Pilates?

Our mat classes are taught in groups of up to 8 people, in which everyone does the same exercise at the same time, so it’s a group ‘we’re all in it together’ experience. Generally, there will be a continual flow from one exercise to the next, for the whole class.

The apparatus, which is based on Joseph Pilates’ original designs, uses spring resistance, which might add support, or additional challenge to the exercises. This versatility means that classes with the apparatus can be more bespoke than mat classes. We also find that the spring resistance is very effective at making the principles of Pilates clearer - the springs are like another teacher. This, along with the versatility of the apparatus and the large repertoire of exercises, is why we recommend apparatus classes for anyone who is new to Pilates.


My doctor/osteopath/physiotherapist has recommended Pilates, what should I do?

If you are taking up Pilates on the advice of a medical professional, because of an injury or medical condition, we strongly recommend Individual (one to one) classes with the apparatus, to begin with. Your teacher will be happy to advise you on when to consider other options, such as Studio or mat classes.


What should I wear to my Pilates class?

Wear what you will be comfortable in to move freely - not too tight, nor very loose. Sweat pants/jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts, and a t-shirt or similar top.

You will not be wearing shoes for your class and you can be barefoot or in socks, as you prefer.


How do I book?

You can view the timetable and book mat classes here

For Individual classes, including Studio class Inductions, please call or email to book.


Do I need to pay in advance?

All booking must be paid for at the time that they are made, and you can sign up and pay via the bookings page. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer let us know - we will be happy to email our bank details to you.