GYROTONIC Expansion System

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was created by Juliu Horvath as a unique movement stimulation system, on specially designed equipment. The system was developed through exploration with elements of Yoga, Tai chi, dance and swimming. Unlike the more linear pathways of Pilates and Yoga, it approaches the body through three dimensional circular movement patterns.

The core principle of the technique is balancing and energising of the body's system. It promotes the flow, the organs, the nervous system, and improves and/or corrects dysfunctional patterns of the muscular-skeletal system.

It strengthens and stretches at the same time, re-educating and invigorating the body to move with fluidity, relaxation and power. The movements encourage joint lubrication, co-ordination and core-stability. Strengthening the intrinsic support system of the muscles close to the bones, promotes the release of excess tension, which inhibits functional movement. Over the years GYROTONIC® training has been proven to enhance structural fitness, and to benefit other physical activities such as sports, dance and singing, as well as achieving excellent results as a remedial therapy.

Another significant difference to the more conventional approach to machine work is that the equipment is not an opponent that one competes against but rather a responsive partner. The weight provides water like resistance and guidance, acting as a feedback system to the body. GYROTONIC® acknowledges movement co-ordination as a tool for total integration. The body's symmetry finds a reflection in continuous circular movement patterns. Far from being cold steel addressing a lump of flesh, muscle and bone, it opens up an organic field of interaction.

Currently, the GYROTONIC® is used worldwide with great success amongst the circle of dancers, sports people, rehabilitation facilities, as well as general conditioning for people off all walks of life, from children to senior citizens.

Anoushka is a certified GYROTONIC® teacher. Read more about the benefits of GYROTONIC® here.