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Anoushka and Mike, who share their personal life as well as professional life, have combined their knowledge, experience and passion for the Pilates Method to create a fantastic Pilates venue. Their chemistry, warmth and welcoming approach creates the perfect environment for anyone who wants to practice and learn about Pilates.

As a team Anoushka and Mike are commited to developing their personal practice and teaching by continuing to study with a variety of movement professionals. These have included Gray CookKelly StarrettCarl Paoli and Ido Portal. We hold regular Professional Development classes for the Pilates in Motion Studio teachers, to foster their hunger and enthusiasm for growth, and to share our collective knowledge.

 Anoushka Boone Founder - Teacher


Anoushka Boone

Founder - Teacher

Anoushka is one of the UK's pre-eminent Pilates teachers and has been teaching for over 25 years. She began her training in the UK after attending studio classes for many years to help her recover from a waterski accident that had made a big impact on her life. She suffered from chronic pain for years, until she discovered Pilates. Her passion for Pilates lead her to become a teacher. In 1993, she travelled to the United States to further her education with a number of teachers, the most influential of whom was Eve Gentry (who trained with Joseph Pilates, and taught for many years in his studio). This experience has given her a very detailed understanding of the Pilates Method, which is augmented by her knowledge of GYROTONIC® , GYROKINESIS® , Yoga, Tai Chi and Shiatsu. Anoushka brings a unique and intuitive approach to her teaching, blending Eastern and Western movement disciplines.

Anoushka's true passion lies in Teacher Training. Her Training Programme has attracted a wide variety of students, from dancers to full-time mothers, to professionals wanting to change career.

Anoushka was an active member of the PILATESfoundation®, serving both on the Board and the Education Committee, before leaving to help establish the Independent Pilates Teachers Association. She is also a guest teacher with Yoopod.

She shares with Mike a strong belief in Continuing Education within the Pilates profession.


 Mike Perry Founder - Teacher

Mike Perry

Founder - Teacher

Mike's introduction to Pilates came as a result of a lower back injury, partly caused by a passion for running but without proper muscular balance or physical awareness. Needing to cut back on running, he turned to cycling and triathlon instead but still suffered recurring bouts of severe back pain. On the recommendation of an osteopath he began Pilates studio classes and within a few sessions had decided to apply to train to be a Pilates teacher.

Given that, at the time, dance was the usual background for teachers, Mike felt very fortunate that a carpenter and cabinet maker could train to teach Pilates. He qualified as a Pilates matwork teacher in 2003 and completed his training in 2004.

More recently, Mike has been researching an evolutionary biology perspective on human health and movement, as championed by the likes of Mark SissonKaty Bowman and many others. This means a keen interest in nutrition, strength & conditioning and (much like Joseph Pilates) how our whole lifestyle influences our health. This is in keeping with the Pilates in Motion Studio philosophy that Pilates is a beginning, rather than an end in itself, and that, along with the many other benefits of Pilates, increased strength is an outcome we hope all of our clients will seek.

He is also a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and CrossFit Mobility Trainer.

Mike makes occasional blog posts, covering Pilates, fitness and nutrition, that can be seen at


Anoushka and Mike, who share their personal life as well as professional, have combined their vast knowledge, experience and passion of The Method to create a fantastic Pilates re-treat. 
Their chemistry, warmth and welcoming approach creates the perfect environment for anyone who wants to practice and learn about it.