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Matwork Pilates classes Ealing

The concept of Pilates Mat classes actually came into existence in the 1980s, years after Joseph Pilates had died. They were based on the 34 exercises that Pilates published in his book ‘Return to Life’, in 1945. Had you been taught by Joseph in his studio, while there may have been some mat exercises included, the work was mostly done on apparatus. The studio was the place, with the help of the apparatus, to learn how to better perform the mat exercises when you were on your own. In other words, the mat exercises were intended as homework.

Pilates Mat classes have justifiably become very popular in their own right, and have made Pilates accessible to many. We offer mat classes at different levels, though the aim of learning all 34 of the original exercises is the starting goal for all of our classes. We consider mat classes to be a great environment for practicing whole body commitment, instead of the place to be addressing movement dysfunction, injury or chronic pain (we recommend working with the apparatus in these cases).

Our classes

To ensure the best results for all participants class sizes are limited to eight. Unless you have previous experience you will need to attend 5 Foundation classes before joining other classes on the schedule, excluding the Over 60s classes, for which no prior experience is necessary. 

We do offer drop-in classes, though we recommend booking in advance to guarantee your place in your chosen class.


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