Pilates Studio (Apparatus) classes

 Studio Pilates Classes Ealing

Studio based Pilates uses apparatus such as the Reformer, Cadillac and Wundachair, Ladder Barrel along with other auxiliary equipment.

Apparatus based classes are great for:

•          Enhancing your mat practice through feedback from the apparatus.

•          Addressing a specific problem or injury.

•          Pre and post surgery. 

•          Complimenting sessions with your healthcare professional.

•          Training for a specific event

•          Pre- and postnatal

•          A more whole body and mindful movement practice than gym equipment can offer.

Our Studio classes follow a system that is designed in accordance with the principles of Pilates. The system allows us to tailor classes individually within the group setting, whilst fostering personal responsibility and development. To join a Studio class we recommend one initial Private session as an introduction to how we teach and how the apparatus feels. Thereafter clients are required to commit to three Induction classes, to establish an initial program for the Studio classes, so the first step will be to contact us to arrange an initial Private session. We offer a package of 3 Induction classes and the first 3 Studio classes for £195.

Scroll down to see the Studio class timetable. 


Studio Class Timetable & Booking

Please do not book a Studio class unless you have completed the required Induction classes.