Meet the Founders


Anoushka and Mike, who share their personal life as well as professional life, have combined their knowledge, experience and passion for the Pilates Method to create a fantastic Pilates venue.
“Their chemistry, warmth and welcoming approach creates the perfect environment for anyone who wants to practice and learn about Pilates”

As a team Anoushka and Mike are committed to developing their personal practice and teaching by continuing to study with a variety of movement specialists, both theoretical and practical. These have include

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)

Academy of Applied Movement Neurology (AMN):

Functional Range Conditioning

Ido Portal

Fighting Monkey

They hold regular Professional Development classes for the teaching team, to foster their hunger and enthusiasm for growth, and to share collective knowledge.

They are both founder members of IPTA (Independent Pilates Teachers Association) and are currently serving on the board of directors. They share a strong belief in Continuing Education within the Pilates profession.

Anoushka and Mike

Anoushka Boone

Anoushka Boone

Founder & Pilates Teacher

My life was transformed by regular Pilates studio classes that helped to resolve the sciatica that I’d suffered from for years after a waterski accident. I was encouraged, by my teacher, to train as a teacher, in order to help others to enjoy similar life-changing results.

I began training with Alan Herdman (credited with first introducing Pilates to the UK), in the 1980s and then travelled to the United States in 1992 to further my education with a number of teachers, including ‘first generation’ teachers who were taught by Joseph Pilates himself. This experience has given me a very detailed understanding of the Pilates Method, which is augmented by my study of the  GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods, Yoga, Tai Chi and Shiatsu.

My teaching reflects an intuitive approach, blending Eastern and Western movement disciplines and philosophies of health. Though I’ve been teaching the Pilates method for over 30 years, I’m still learning more about it all the time.

I was an active member of the PILATESfoundation®, serving both on the Board of directors and the Education Committee, before helping to establish the Independent Pilates Teachers Association. I’m also a guest teacher with online class streaming service Yoopod.
My true passion lies in Teacher Training. The Pilates in Motion Training Programme has attracted a wide variety of students, from dancers, actors, physiotherapists and doctors to full-time mothers, and professionals wanting to change career.

My initial reason for training as a teacher was that Pilates was the one approach, out of many I tried, that had the greatest impact in resolving a back problem – most likely caused by a combination of the demands of being a carpenter/cabinet maker and an obsession with running (without any knowledge of how to run). The benefits were so profound that I decided to train as a teacher after only a few classes.

Since qualifying with the Pilates Foundation in 2003 my motivation to teach has evolved, along with my understanding of Pilates and its potential role in health. My mission now is to help to transform lives, beginning with increased awareness and better movement which, in turn, can lead to better health, better relationships, and better performance.

My approach to teaching reflects my interest in both Joseph Pilates’ method and philosophy, and an evolutionary biology perspective on human health and movement. The result may mean a class composed entirely of Pilates exercises, or it may mean a combination of Pilates, callisthenics and weight-lifting (perhaps some crawling, too). I hope that my classes promote a greater feeling of ‘connectedness’ during movement; realisation of previously untapped potential; or recognition of a habit or belief that could be an obstacle to progress.

In addition to the professional development that Anoushka and I have undertaken together, I’ve also completed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course, and the CrossFit Mobility Trainer course.

I write occasional blog posts, covering Pilates, fitness and nutrition, that can be seen at

Mike Perry

Mike Perry

Founder & Pilates Teacher