Getting Started

We always recommend one or more Private classes as a first introduction to Pilates, in order to have the closest supervision when learning the fundamentals of the method.


To get started there are a few options - booking is always essential. Plus, don't forget to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


OPTION1: Book a Mat class

Choose a suitable Mat class for your experience by checking our Mat class timetable and book yourself in.

  • New to Pilates?  Look for Foundation classes.
  • Previous experience? Look for Precision or Flow classes


OPTION 2: Book a Private class

There is no fixed schedule for Private or Induction classes, and we will do our best to arrange them at a time that suits you. Please contact us to book your first private class.


OPTION 3: Join a Studio class

An initial Private class and 3 one-to-one Induction classes are a prerequisite for joining our Studio classes

If you would like to book for either a Private class or a Mat class please email, or call us on 020 8810 7344. Please note that we do not have a receptionist and cannot answer the phone if we are busy teaching, so email is usually the best way of contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ante-natal classes

While we recognise that pregnancy doesn't constitute a 'condition', our Mat classes are not suitable for taking up Pilates during pregnancy. Our pregnant clients have always found great benefits from attending our Studio classes, sometimes up until their due date. 


Refomer classes

These are only available on a Private and Semi-Private (2:1) basis, and at limited times. Please contact us for details.