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Welcome to the Pilates in Motion Studio

We believe that Pilates gives us a greater understanding and sense of our bodies. This is the foundation for healthy joints and muscles in balance, which in turn improves both posture and performance. These benefits can influence all aspects of your life, allowing you to be the person you need to be, for yourself and those around you. Whether your goal is to feel less stiff when you get up, or to set a new personal best in the marathon, we’re here for you.

Celebrating 10 Years

We’ve just celebrated 10 years of Pilates in Motion where our studio has grown from the two founders to 12 Pilates teachers.

Guaranteed Results

The effectiveness of Pilates has been well publicised. If you share your goals with us, we will be happy to discuss how we can help you achieve them.

Personalised Pilates Sessions

One to one classes that are tailored to each person’s goals and needs.

What is Pilates?

A philosophy of well-being based upon a system of exercise that enhances self-awareness, strength, stamina and resilience to promote whole body health and to optimise your personal performance.

Why Us?

Joseph Pilates was a genius and, as he himself claimed, probably 50 years ahead of his time. We teach the original Pilates exercises because they are great tools for teaching better movement but we’re not dogmatic. We have a varied movement practice and we will use any exercise, or piece of equipment that we feel could help you. In addition to Pilates apparatus you will also find, to name a few, kettle bells, barbells, pull-up bars and gymnastic rings in our studio.

Join a class today

Matwork Pilates Classes

Our matwork classes take place in a dedicated space, with a wide variety of small equipment. They are ideal for developing strength, improving agility and promoting general fitness, and our small class sizes ensure individual attention within a group environment.

Studio Pilates Classes

Our Studio classes take place in a spacious and well-equipped studio using Pilates apparatus. In addition to the benefits of Matwork Pilates, Studio classes can also support you throughout your pregnancy, before and after surgery, after injury and in reducing stress and anxiety.

Private Pilates Classes

Our Private classes offer you the teacher’s undivided attention and expertise, we can tailor one-to-one classes to exactly what you need to help you move and feel better. These classes are essential to those who are looking to address specific injuries, chronic pain, or physical limitation.

Teacher Training Courses

The Pilates in Motion Teacher Training Courses provides a unique teacher training programme, teaching the classical and evolved approaches to Pilates in a thorough, intensive format.

News & Views

“What’s the breathing for this?”

This is quite a common question in Pilates classes and, though Joseph Pilates himself specified a breathing pattern for some of his exercises, the best answer might be “Trust that your body knows best.” Don’t stop! The most important guidance around breathing in a...

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What is ‘balance’?

You don't have to lose it as you grow older! In the posts about stability and mobility we've referred to balance of the muscles and other tissues around a joint. It''s an important kind of balance, or equilibrium, but generally not what everyone means when they say...

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What do we mean by ‘mobility’?

Is it the same as flexibility? Though the word 'mobility' might seem to be interchangeable with 'flexibility', we like to make a distinction. We think of flexibility being the possible range of movement for a joint - how far you can bend a finger back, for example....

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What People Are Saying

“I’ve always been impressed by the teams professionalism, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in me and my condition.”

William L

“Mike, Anoushka and the staff are extremely friendly and professional and have given me the motivation and confidence to try new exercises on a tri-weekly basis.”

Sabrina G

“My overall well being has improved for the better and I am now more aware of the importance of coordination, breathing and body alignment.”

Marie O