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Improved strength, confidence and balance


April 2019

“I took up Pilates in my mid 50’s to improve my balance and core strength.  After some time off from fracturing my wrist, I came back to Pilates with 80% movement in my shoulder. Six years on and I have full movement and I can now do side planks with ease.

I started off in the Studio which built my confidence but I now mostly do Mat classes.  I love the camaraderie of the classes and that we all encourage each other.  I even enjoy doing the hundreds now and I never thought I would say that five years ago!

The teachers at Pilates in Motion are fantastic.  They are all absolutely passionate about Pilates and they are very hands-on which ensures that you are exercising safely and correctly.  I have noticed a huge change in my core strength and my balance.  I am able to do things that I never thought I would be able to do.

I’m a huge fan!”

Pilates Matwork Classes

Strengthening a weak back

Sue C

“Before I started Pilates, I would say that I had a weak back.  I would wake up every night with dreadful backache.  Since pilates, all that has gone and I would now consider my back and core strength to be quite good.

I like the small numbers too as with pilates, I think it’s essential to do the exercises correctly and our teacher will always notice if there’s something that needs adjusting.  There is a core group of us that attend the class and this makes it even more fun as over the three years or so that I’ve been taking classes, I’ve made some great friends.   I now consider pilates essential for my general well-being and plan to carry on as long as I possibly can.”

Increased confidence, flexibility and posture

Veronica M

“I took up Pilates because I was planning activities for my retirement and Pilates had been recommended by some friends in their seventies.

Just before I retired I had a fall, which left me with back pain, so I enrolled at Pilates in Motion as soon as possible. That was five years ago.

I enjoy the mat classes because there are never more than 8 people and our teacher always checks every class member to ensure that we are doing everything correctly. She has a wonderful and warm personality and we always have fun at the same time as working! There is a very relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere.

I feel that Pilates has given me confidence and has improved my flexibility and posture.”

I’ve had a good workout

Steve M

“I took up Pilates because over the years I’ve had trouble with my lower back, and I felt that I needed to do another form of exercise, apart from the football I play every Tuesday night.

What I have enjoyed most about the classes, is the teachers, when I come out of the class, I feel I’ve had a good workout, they really know what they are doing.

I do feel fitter for attending the Pilates class, and I don’t get as much trouble with my back, this also helps when I play football, and as I don’t go to the gym, I look forward to the Pilate class.”

Improved my balance and strength

Jacinta B

“I have joined the classes at Pilates in Motion Studio as I wanted to work on strengthening my core . I have found it has over time improved my balance and strength. I enjoy working in a group as this motivated and makes the classes enjoyable. I find the teachers are very knowledgeable and give a lot of attention as it is small classes of eight. I feel more supple  and stronger.

The studio is very welcoming and I find my teacher Mary informative, patient with great motivation skills. I would highly recommend Pilates in Motion as quality, welcoming and great value.”

Improved mobility and flexibility

Pamela L

“6 years ago a friend and I decided we were getting a bit stiff, and our feet were looking rather a long way away so decided we should do something to improve our mobility and flexibility as we were both in our late 60’s. Pilates in Motion is just around the corner from her so we joined a class there.

We were expertly taught and had a friendly group in the class and 6 years later we are still there. We now both do two classes a week as we feel the benefits so much. Even if life forces us to have a week or two off, we feel the difference. We have also made friends so after class coffee meetings are a regular thing. We have over the years had a number of different teachers, and each one has a different style, bringing a new slant and personality to the experience.

I have certainly learnt what my body can and cannot do…..but continue to have ambitions for it. And putting on my socks is not a daunting activity! I think I have made a lifelong commitment.”

Pilates Studio Classes

A welcome addition to my weekly routine

Andrew M

“My physiotherapist told me to take up Pilates, so I took an intensive course whilst on holiday in Spain and noticed the effects almost immediately, so got in touch with Pilates in Motion upon my return.

All the teachers there have shown a keen ability to adapt techniques and try different things to help with my restrictions due to injury. I like the fact that all the teachers there have good knowledge and an analytical approach, and I enjoy the classes very much – they have become a welcome addition to my weekly routine.

My golf game has benefited hugely from my increased flexibility and core strength, and when I mentioned this to the pro at my club he replied “Oh yes, all my elite players do Pilates”, which says it all really. In every day terms, I stand taller and my tendency to slouch has gone. With regard to specific injuries, I have benefited from increased strength and range of movement – I would say Pilates has definitely increased my quality of life.”

Fit and strong at 72 years of age

Helen K

“I took up Pilates over a decade ago to help with lower back pain and feel incredibly lucky to have found Pilates in Motion.  I was also doing Pilates mat classes at a local gym but the personal attention provided by and extreme competence of the instructors at Pilates in Motion are of a different league and have been invaluable.

My back pain improved dramatically within a number of months and with continued practice, has remained minimal for over a decade.  More recently, I discovered that I have severe osteoporosis in the lumbar spine and osteopenia in both hips and have been following an individualised program for osteoporosis at Pilates in Motion.  This has involved resistance exercises to improve bone density while also protecting the bones and strengthening the muscles around them. I certainly feel fit and strong for my nearly 72 years of age.

It is always a pleasure to arrive at Pilates in Motion where I am greeted with a warm smile and where the explanations of how to improve each movement are articulate, logical and knowledge-based.  The expertise here is tops!”

Feeling energised and flexible

Gill B

“Since I retired about 4 years ago, I have been attending regular 1-1 sessions with Julie. Never having exercised before I was initially reluctant to participate but Julie was very welcoming, made the time fun and the activities manageable, whilst giving me the opportunity to try more ambitious exercises as I progressed.

I now look forward to my sessions, I have never been bored and at the end of the hour, I leave feeling energized and flexible . My posture and balance have improved and I believe Pilates has positively contributed to my well being.”

Customised exercises

Evi S

“My husband and I started Pilates to improve our fitness and flexibility. We saw the results pretty soon. For me, the biggest difference was my abdominals. I felt stronger than before, my muscles responded to the exercises. They felt tighter, more toned. For my husband the low back pain he had for years has almost gone.

The staff at Pilates in Motion is knowledgable, they make you comfortable and address your needs with customised exercises. Pilates in Motion? Highly recommended.”

Kind, patient & professional guidance

Sheila U

“I had practised Pilates regularly throughout the second and third of my three pregnancies but stopped as I allowed family and work commitments to overwhelm me. My neck and thoracic spine issues returned and then, in 2013, I developed a rotator cuff tear. Anoushka was recommended by the Head Physiotherapist at Charing Cross Hospital 2 years later as I continued to struggle with thoracic immobility and shoulder pain on my dominant side that I tried to managed with a combination of physio- based exercises and strong painkillers.I started having sessions with Anoushka in October 2015. As a General Practitioner, I have long been aware that the single most effective treatment modality for mechanical back pain is Pilates. Here was my opportunity to learn more about Pilates again.

Under Anoushka’s kind, patient, professional guidance, my injuries have settled completely as my core and posture have been transformed. I am now totally pain free and stopped using painkillers way back. Anoushka has always been mindful of my perceived limitations but always manages to ‘push’ me without any resultant aggravation of the injuries/pain in what used to be my problem areas, often offering amended options when something has been beyond my ability. I have a few exercises to do at home that are all achievable. I enjoy every session immensely and always look forward to the next one.

The studio at Pilates in Motion is well equipped but what makes it special is the genuine atmosphere of experienced, proficient, calm support.

I recommend Anoushka at Pilates in Motion without hesitation and shall be forever grateful to her for her wonderful instruction.

What People Are Saying

“I have made some great friends over the years, the classes are enjoyable and I don’t like missing them as I notice the difference in my body if I do”


“I have found it has over time improved my balance and strength. I enjoy working in a group as this motivated and makes the classes enjoyable”


“All the teachers here have shown a keen ability to adapt techniques and try different things to help with my restrictions due to injury”