Online Mat Pilates Classes

What are Matwork Pilates Classes?

Pilates Matwork was ‘homework’ in Joseph Pilates’ time and in the last 20 years the fitness world recognised the benefits of Pilates so classes have justifiably become very popular and have made Pilates accessible to many. Matwork classes are group classes, led by a teacher, based around the principles of Pilates and without apparatus.

Our Online Mat Pilates Classes

With a maximum of 8 participants, your teacher can cater to the experienced and newcomers.

Just like our ‘normal’ Mat classes we incorporate the principles and fundamentals of Pilates with the aim of learning all 34 of the original Pilates exercises, now in your own home. Using Zoom to deliver the class, you can see your teacher and they can see you, and give you personalised help and guidance. As well as a chance to exercise they also provide the opportunity to see familiar faces and have some safe social interaction.

As always, we consider mat classes to be a great environment for practising whole body commitment, instead of the place to be addressing movement dysfunction, injury or chronic pain.

Please book at least one hour prior to the class start – we need time to send you a link to join it.

Online Mat Pilates

Pilates Matwork classes are 60 minutes long and open to all. While we are always working towards the 34 original Pilates exercises the classes vary according to the teacher’s own style and particular theme or interest.

Online Mat Pilates 65+

Pilates Matwork 65+ are 75 minutes long and specifically for older adults and the focus is on maintaining strength and mobility to support day to day activities.

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