Pilates in Motion Academy is a professional development concept that marries decades of Pilates teaching experience with continued extensive research in the wider movement world, both technical and experiential. 

We offer workshops covering a range of subjects – Pilates apparatus and repertoire; concepts crucial to Pilates and movement generally; specific joints and range of movement; and teaching skills.

Our Workshops

Intro to Classical Reformer

Sunday 28th July, 10am-5pm

Experience the ‘Legend’ reformer repertoire on Reformers that don’t allow the springs to do any of the work for you.

You will get to know the original work on our ‘Purist Pilates’ Reformers, built to Gratz dimensions and with Gratz springs. Whether you want to know how the work feels on traditional reformers, or if you’re wondering what reformer to buy, this will be a great way to find out more. If you’re a Matwork teacher thinking about Studio training this will give you a taste of the entry requirements for our Bridging Course.


The Hundred
Rowing Series
Long Box Series
Long Stretch Series
Stomach Massage
Short Box Series
Short Spine Massage
Pulling Straps
Thigh Stretch
Tic Toc
Knee Stretches

Limited to 6 participants. 

6 Hours, £150

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer

Please email us for dates.

Practice and teach the Reformer repertoire that you rarely have the opportunity to teach (and might have forgotten since your training), and discover ways to introduce it to your clients and bring it back to your repertoire.

Including (but not limited to):







Long Back Stretch

Tendon Stretch



Long Spine Stretch

Limited to 6 participants

3 hours, £80

Push Up Masterclass

Thursday 11th July, 1.30pm-3.30pm

The Push Up is the final exercise in Return to Life and, as an expression of peak strength, mobility and stability, it makes a wonderful and natural conclusion to any class. However, we know that it’s an extremely challenging movement for many people.

The Push Up Masterclass will examine the common obstacles to performing the Push Up, and address them with a variety of drills and prep exercises that will be applicable to all levels and progressions.

You will be invited to think differently about this exercise, and you will learn tools and strategies to help you and your clients get closer to mastery.

2 hours, £60

Free your hips and your Teaser will follow

Saturday September 28th, 2pm-5pm

How many people that you teach could improve their execution of Pilates repertoire if their hips were more mobile?

We mention Teaser in the title but it could apply to the Hundred, the Roll Up, Single Leg Circle – the list goes on and on. This workshop will introduce you to a variety of tools, drills and techniques that we’ve learned outside the Pilates universe to increase hip ROM, and make much of the original Pilates repertoire more accessible.

In addition we will also look at some fast and simple ways of assessing the various ranges in the hip, so you can target your (or your clients’) efforts appropriately.

Be warned: there will be some hard work and probably some pained expressions involved, but you’ll thank us in the end!

3 hours, £80

What People Are Saying

“A fun, digestible workshop about Push-Ups. Really helpful and inspiring.”

“There was a good balance of talking and movement. There was no time for drifting off nor did we spend too long in trying out any particular movement. This was a great combo for me, and I’ve come away with not only a few more ideas on how to approach push-ups for me and for clients, but also recognising that’s it’s attainable!”

“Fantastic, clear teaching with a lot of laughs sprinkled in. I am completely inspired to go back and teach what I have learned.”