Pilates Teacher Training

Why choose a Pilates in Motion Course?

Our Pilates teacher training programme is designed to create confident, thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates teachers, who clearly understand movement in their own body and mind and know how to impart this to their clients. Our courses are taught by Anoushka and Mike who have more than 45 years’ experience between them.

Our mission

To constantly pursue excellence in all aspects of Pilates education, in order to deliver a thorough and professional Pilates teacher training programme, in accordance with Joseph Pilates’ philosophy.
We aim to achieve this by giving every student the foundational knowledge and understanding, by helping to hone their intuition, and to give them every opportunity to grow. The rest will be up to them, their drive, commitment and energy. We hope that they carry Pilates on in a way that is reflective of what we’ve taught them.
In his book, “Return to Life”, you will find the following quote:

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. Our interrelation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind capable of naturally, easily and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

The majority of Pilates Teacher Training Programmes concentrate on the exercises alone. At Pilates in Motion we embrace Joseph Pilates philosophy of Whole Body Health and Whole-Body Commitment.

Pilates in Motion Qualifies Teachers

Becoming a Pilates teacher is a profound process. There’s a big difference between an instructor and a teacher, and our programme encourages a breakdown/breakthrough process whereby you realise, ‘I might be good at doing Pilates or even instructing it, but teaching it is a whole different story’.

For that reason, we don’t take many participants – to enable each student to maximise learning, develop interpersonal teaching skills, and to create a quality learning environment.

Our hope for every student is that they:


Learn to really hold and direct a session with positivity and passion


Empower without being overpowering


Learn to teach sessions that are not about them but for the people they are teaching


Rise to the challenge of teaching from a place of caring and knowing, without over-thinking


Learn early on that it’s not about the exercises and discover that it’s about interacting with another human being and being able to teach them on a very profound level. Sometimes that has less to do with the execution of the movements than the spirit in which they are delivered

Our courses

All our Courses Offer:

Opportunity for 1-1 tutorials
Case study tutorials
Assessment-related tutorials
Support by telephone, Skype session and email
Reflective practice and evaluation
Group discussion and debate

We place a strong emphasis on stimulating students to question our philosophy (as opposed to accepting “This is how Joe did it.”). We offer a network of shadowing teachers at Pilates in Motion Studio to help you with your assisting hours and classes. Course tuition is delivered using a multi-layered approach to teaching and learning styles.

Pilates Matwork Course

A rigorous one year course of 12 two day modules, leading to Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates as well as Pilates in Motion matwork teacher certificate

Pilates Bridging Course

The Pilates in Motion Bridging Course runs as an Apprenticeship course i.e. acceptance is at any time providing there is availability. There are no formal lectures. Candidates can complete the required hours suiting their own schedule.

We belief that Pilates is a ‘movement practice’

The practice creates a situation in which the student is able to explore and, in this process, the student may identify some ‘things’ that need attention in order to begin a process of resolution and evolution.

We align with E.M Foster’s quote:

“Spoon feeding, in the long run, teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon”.

There are much easier courses to take if you want to learn from a book and teach from a script – our goal is to help to develop students who have a passion for teaching Pilates and who teach from their heart, and from a ‘felt’ understanding, rather than dry, book learning.

A Pilates in Motion teacher teaches each session with a different heart and a different soul, even though the exercises look the same.

“Do good”, “Evaluate what the class needs as a whole” and “How can you make it simple?” are the mottos at the forefront of our training.

Career Opportunities

Pilates in Motion graduates can benefit from the reputation and status of the course director within the UK Pilates community, particularly in London. Training with Pilates in Motion can be a ‘foot in the door’ of studios and yoga centres that may not otherwise consider newly qualified teachers.

A number of fully qualified Pilates in Motion graduates go on to become Mentors and Educators, and successful Studio Owners.