Happy Graduates

Confident, thoughtful and creative Pilates teachers

From a hobby to a career through motivational, informative and enjoyable Pilates courses.

From Hobby to Career

Bridging Course Graduate: Mary Schiffer

November 2017

After a career in retail sales and design with Pilates as her fitness routine Mary decided to make Pilates more than a hobby and to become a Pilates teacher. 

“I started the Matwork training Course at Pilates In Motion with Anoushka and Mike in January 2012 and have never looked back.  What separates the Pilates in Motion Teacher’s training course from the others is the perfect balance between theory and practice in their human movement syllabus.  The matwork course gave me the tools and resources to become a confident teacher with a commitment to Pilates excellence that I share with my clients.

As a strong believer in continuing my education within the Pilates profession, I embarked on the PIMS Studio course and qualified in 2017. I found the experience to be life changing as a deeper understanding of Movement guided by Pilates Principles was the result.  Reinforcing the idea that Pilates is a window of opportunity to feel revived and renewed after each session.

Central to my approach is that the classes are not only motivational and informative, but enjoyable so we can progress as a group and look forward to our time together.  Sharing ideas that will enhance our daily lives!”

Mary is now a Pilates studio teacher, teaching classes with us at Pilates in Motion.

Pilates Bridging Course

Expanding a Pilates Journey

Pascale Aebischer

July 2016

Having completed a very thorough matwork training course with us, Pascale decided to take only a short break before starting the PIlates in Motion bridging course.

“Although I had been advised to maybe take a couple of years to bed in the matwork first, going straight in to learning the equipment felt to me like a natural extension and a great way to deepen my understanding of the Pilates Method.  The teaching was very practical, very like an apprenticeship, and that was refreshing for me. Anoushka and Mike’s understanding and passion for Pilates and movement is catching and working with the existing studio teachers provided a good support network throughout.

I always felt pushed just enough out of my comfort zone, and the regular reviews helped me decide where I needed to focus, step by step. Paperwork and deadlines are never a joy, but by the time exams came along I felt as well prepared as one ever can. In fact, the quality of the course is such that I was being offered work before I had even qualified and the emphasis on perpetual learning is something I will carry with me throughout my Pilates journey.

Pascale recently moved from London to Basel Switzerland to set up her own studio.

Creating a studio of your own

Agur Arrien

December 2009

Having completed the course while being pregnant and carrying a few injuries from her days as a dancer, Agur went on to form her own studio.

“I loved my training with Anoushka. She nurtured us through the extensive equipment repertoire providing us with the chance to understand our own bodies in order to offer the best we could to our future clients.

I completed the course while being pregnant and carrying a few injuries from my days as a dancer. Anoushka’s approach helped me greatly to understand and use variation and modifications to help people from all physical backgrounds to reach their potential. We were taught to be able to look in to localised issues as well as being able to see the body as a whole and always to tailor the work to each individual.

Anoushka set high standards and expectations for us to reach, yet her warm and caring personality ensured we were supported through every step of the course. It was truly a great experience and one that I still treasure in my heart.

I have been running a small but successful studio for 10 years now and I owe a lot of that success to Anoushka. A life changing experience that I would recommend to all those wanting to pursue a career as a Pilates practitioner.”

Agur is now the proud owner of Pilates Sanctuary, Clapham.

Continuing education to achieve goals

Monika Zarebska

December 2008

After graduating from our matwork teacher training program, Monika decided that she wanted to continue her education with us and enrolled onto the Pilates in Motion bridging course.

“In both cases I had researched other providers, as well, and found that Pilates in Motion’s course is the most comprehensive and also time compatible for me. Upon my first enrolment, although I was told by Anoushka that the course is very demanding, I did not really comprehend it until I was doing it. There is a lot of material covered and lots of assignments to do. This is a ‘no nonsense’ course, very intensive and educational and it becomes one’s journey of personal development, also learning to take responsibility for that journey.

Luckily Anoushka is very professional and provides support throughout. She is always available to provide advice and direction. From the start we were regularly provided with very comprehensive manuals for both theory and the practical part of the course. During the course we had number of visiting lecturers. It was great to have the opportunity to learn so much about human anatomy and pathology and also to discover so many approaches to teaching human movement. In retrospect although it was hard work, I wouldn’t have it any other way,

I enjoyed the course so much and I thank Anoushka for her continuing support and guidance”.

Monika is now the proud owner of Kentish Town studio, London.

Enhancing teaching skills and knowledge

Sarit Blum

February 2013

After teaching matwork for a few years, Sarit decided to joining the Pilates in Motion bridging course.

“Even though I felt very confident in my teaching before, I found the Bridging course gave me the tools to understand movement a lot better and it is knowledge that will go with me to any discipline.

It enhanced my ability as a teacher to support clients as they recover from injuries and challenge them when they are in health.

Anoushka is a thoughtful, knowledgeable teacher and she strives to get the best out of her students.”

Sarit is now continuing her Pilates journey back in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Discovering a depth to the body


February 2013

In doing the Matwork course, Patrice discovered a depth to the body and its movement she would not have thought possible. Understanding this has been personally empowering for her.

“The studio course has been a bedrock of information that I can build on. My eyes have been opened to ways of moving and how to facilitate movement in ways I would not have believed. The process is deep and was gradual and layered skilfully…and it is just the beginning. I feel hungry to keep the practice within my body so I can continue to pass it on.”

Patrice ran a successful Pilates business “Dynamic sphere Pilates studio” in London. In 2017 she moved to France and is currently teaching from her barn in France and mat Pilates in the village.

Pilates Matwork Course

Set out on a new career path

Vanessa Arkell


The journey had been immense but she loved it. The course gave her such a deep insight into movement and has made her respect our bodies so much more and understand how important it is for us to move well and teach people to move well.

“The teaching was excellent. I always found Anoushka’s sessions to be structured, informative, inspiring and supportive. The amount of work required was overwhelming at times but I was forewarned so with good time management I found it just about manageable. The teachers at Pilates in Motion were always very supportive and generous allowing us to assist many of their classes.

This course has given me the passion to teach small groups, enabling me to teach the Pilates principles and fundamentals within each class and to watch the group progress. I would also like to teach teenagers as a way of bringing postural awareness and good movement patterns into their lives early on.

I am excited to begin the Studio Teacher Training course at Pilates in Motion, which will feed my desire to continue learning and develop the knowledge I have gained during this course to enhance my mat work and progress to become a Studio Teacher.

As a mother of three, I feel extremely privileged to have found a course, which has enabled me to set out on a new career path with no prior experience, just a passion for Pilates and a strong motivation to learn.”

Vanessa graduated and went on to complete the bridging course.

Personal improvement

Melina Kossoff

July 2017

This course is not for the faint-hearted – it requires serious commitment both in time and attitude. That said, for Melina, it has been a hugely rewarding experience.

“Encouraged by friends, who I had ‘taught’ on summer holidays, I naively thought I would just be improving my personal ability to perform the exercises and then share my knowledge; this course took all that apart and made me understand the importance of Pilates – that it is a constantly evolving movement system for life – not just a series of exercises to be performed in the hope of a stronger core! The depth of information covered over the 10 months, from anatomy through health and safety to teaching practice was staggering and it is this level of knowledge and understanding that now gives me the confidence to teach.

Anoushka and Mike are a formidable team who are constantly aware of where you are in the process – ready with advice and encouragement but not up for spoon feeding – which is how it should be – up in front of a class, flying solo, you need to know what you’re talking about.”

Melina graduated and went on to complete the bridging course before joining us teaching classes at Pilates in Motion

Continuing to learn

Charlotte Farmar

July 2017

Doing the teaching training at Pilates in Motion has been one of the best decisions Charlotte had made.

“I have absolutely loved it. Hard work and challenging, but an utter joy and I’d recommend it to anyone that really wants to delve deep into the practice of Pilates and the body’s ability to heal itself through mindful-movement.

The teaching style is interactive and personable and no question is ever too little. I loved learning in a small group, where judgement was put aside and everyone (including the teachers) is there to learn. I have come away with a fresh admiration for the human body and its ability to heal itself.

I am excited to keep learning and continue to draw on the wells of knowledge that we’ve been given this year. The course sets you up to respond to the person or people in front of you and continually be inquisitive as to how their movement pattern(s) could be enhanced. It’s not a one size fits all approach but creates space to learn in your own way and develop into the teacher you want to be.”

Continuing to learn

Emma Marks

March 2016

If you are committed, passionate and hungry for in-depth knowledge about the Pilates method, this course is the one for you.

“There is no doubt that Pilates in Motion matwork course with Mike and Anoushka was the best I would have chosen to start my teaching journey. Their syllabus and teaching were thorough engaging and pushed me to always do my very own best. I was encouraged to develop my own teaching style and given useful tools to help people move better and more efficiently from pre-Pilates moves to tools to the Classical repertoire.

The course demands serious commitment, passion and motivation but I gained so much more than all the energies I put in and continue to reap the rewards as I learn more and more from every class I teach.”

A journey of self-discovery

Melanie Burch

February 2015

Melanie remembers reading the testimonials on the Pilates in Motion website before signing up and a lot of people referred to a journey of self-discovery, but I don’t think she really appreciated what that meant until she herself was part of that journey.

“At times the journey was tough – Anoushka is a generous and excellent teacher who expects as much as she gives, and this made the course all the more enriching and rewarding. She remains consistently supportive and encouraging and is a total professional.

I have learnt a wonderful new skill that I hope will provide me with a rich and varied career, and I love that it this skill is something that I will continue to develop and build on for many years to come – the learning never ends! I have relished learning about movement and anatomy and can’t recall the number of penny-dropping moments I experienced when the newly acquired knowledge clicked into place in my mind and I started to notice things I had always taken for granted before – about our bodies, the way we move, our ‘gives’ and compensations. Learning how to re-educate others so that they, like us might improve our quality of life through better movement patterns and the awareness.”

Melanie moved to the South of France after graduation and is taking on her next challenge of learning to teach in French.

What People Are Saying

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it offers so much more than a basic training in how to teach Pilates matwork exercises”

Claire Neesham

Course graduate

“The course has pushed me both mentally and physically. I’ve learned an awful lot more than I thought I would. I feel capable, confident and ready to teach Pilates”


Course graduate

“I chose this course for the amazing team of teachers dispensing it and the range and depth of the training as well as its length”

Virginie Aitken

Course graduate