Pilates Bridging Course

Bridging Course Information

Our Bridging programme is designed to create confident, thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates studio teachers, who are familiar with the different exercises on each apparatus and are able to break each exercise down to serve the person in front of the them. Unlike the matwork course, this course is an apprenticeship.

Dates: To suit you, subject to availability
Duration of the course: Typically 18 months, dependant on individual
Hours: 850 hours
Format: Apprenticeship
Location: Pilates in Motion Studio
Application fee: £300 (N/A for students who already have a PIM certificate)
Cost: £5000 (including application fee)
Tutors: Anoushka Boone, Mike Perry

What People Are Saying

“My eyes have been opened to ways of moving and how to facilitate movement in ways I would not have believed.”


Course graduate

“I found the Bridging course gave me the tools to understand movement a lot better and it is knowledge that will go with me to any discipline”

Sarit Blum

Course graduate

“I have come away with a deeper understanding of how and why each classical and evolved Pilates exercise is executed”

Clare Slade

Course graduate