Pilates Matwork Training Course

Matwork Course Information

The Pilates in Motion Matwork course is designed to give students the experience and understanding of the mat exercises in the context of working on the Reformer. The beauty of working with the Reformer is the constant feedback loop between the individual practising and the apparatus in use as well as close supervision of a teacher.

Dates: September 2020 – September 2021
Hours: 600 hours
Format: 12 modules – 1 module/month
Location: Pilates in Motion Studio
Application fee: £100
Cost: £3600 (including application fee)
Tutors: Anoushka Boone, Mike Perry

What People Are Saying

"The course is taught in a professional and thoughtful manner with continual layering of information and balancing theory and practice"

Helen Batten

Course graduate

" The course demands serious commitment, passion and motivation but I gained so much more than all the energies I put in and continue to reap the rewards."

Emma Marks

Course graduate

"I’m so happy I had the chance to meet Anoushka, to inspire and learn from her, and hope to continue learning and inspiring more from her in future."


Course graduate