Course Testimonials 

"This course is not for the faint-hearted – it requires serious commitment both in time and attitude. That said, for me, it has been a hugely rewarding experience. Encouraged by friends, who I had ‘taught’ on summer holidays, I naively thought I would just be improving my personal ability to perform the exercises and then share my knowledge; this course took all that apart and made me understand the importance of Pilates – that it is a constantly evolving movement system for life – not just a series of exercises to be performed in the hope of a stronger core! The depth of information covered over the 10 months, from anatomy through health and safety to teaching practice was staggering and it is this level of knowledge and understanding that now gives me the confidence to teach.

Anoushka and Mike are a formidable team who are constantly aware of where you are in the process – ready with advice and encouragement but not up for spoon feeding – which is how it should be – up in front of a class, flying solo, you need to know what you’re talking about."

Melina Kossoff, graduate 2017


"When I first started the course, the idea of teaching a full class, to real live peope was terrifying and yet the thing that I wanted to do the most. One of the great PIM teachers I was assisting at the time said that I would get to a point where I would say ‘move out the way, I’m ready’.

 This challenging course has a way of layering on knowledge over time, guiding you through the complexities of movement terminology, anatomy, special conditions, teaching practice, and how all these things correlate with the rewarding practice of Pilates until you reach a point when you run head first into your exam saying; ‘I’m ready.’

 I feel proud to call myself a PIM teacher and am excited to continue developing my teaching and my own practice for years to come."

Claire Gillett, graduate 2017


"Doing the teaching training at PIM has been one of the best decisions I have made. I

have absolutely loved it. Hard work and challenging, but an utter joy and I’d recommend

it to anyone that really wants to delve deep into the practice of Pilates and the bodies

ability to heal itself through mindful-movement. The teaching style is interactive and

personable and no question is ever too little. I loved learning in a small group, where

judgement was put aside and everyone (including the teachers) is there to learn.

I have come away with a fresh admiration for the human body and it’s ability to heal itself. I am excited to keep learning and continue to draw on the wells of knowledge that we’ve

been given this year. The course sets you up to respond to the person or people in front

of you and continually be inquisitive as to how their movement pattern(s) could be

enhanced. It’s not a one size fits all approach, but creates space to learn in your own

way and develop into the teacher you want to be."

Charlotte Farmar, graduate 2017


"I loved the content of the course, the material is delivered in a way that is accessible and engaging, the subject matter is fascinating and the tutor’s obvious passion for what they are teaching is inspiring. It is a lot of work, but is absolutely worth the challenge."

Nikki Brindle, graduate 2017 


"If you are committed, passionate and hungy for in-depth knowledge about the Pilates method, this course is the one for you. There is no doubt that Pilates in Motion matwork course with Mike and Anoushka was the best I could have chosen to start my teaching journey. Their syllabus and teaching was thorough, engaging, and pushed me to always do my very own best. I was encouraged to develop my own teaching style and given useful tools to help people move better and more efficiently, from pre-Pilates exercises, and other tools, to the Classical repertoire. 

The course demands serious commitment, passion and motivation but I gained so much more than all the energies I put in and continue to reap the rewards as I learn more and more from every class I teach. "

Emma Marks, graduate March 2016


'It’s an epic journey of self discovery - Mind, Body & Spirit. A huge commitment but I absolutely loved it. It was challenging, enriching, empowering and at times overwhelming. Juggling it with two small children wasn't easy, but with good time management, a support network and dedication its all possible. 

Anoushka is so inspiring, encouraging and supportive and gently ushers you on every step of the way. Very carefully and cleverly, layering the knowledge and techniques. Anoushka, Mike & team have opened my eyes to movement and the human body. I feel very lucky to have the knowledge, teaching skills and understanding of the body, observing movement/bodies in a totally new way and to do something I love, that helps people. 

I feel the biggest journey is just unfolding as the learning continues with every class and client I teach.' 

Catherine Couzens, graduate February 2015


"The first steps in any new challenge can be daunting and this was certainly the case when I took the plunge and decided to train as a Pilates mat work Teacher, a far cry from life as a surveyor. The course will challenge your mind, body and spirit in ways you cannot imagine. However I could not have asked for a more support and encouragement from Anoushka. The course is taught in a professional and thoughtful manner with continual layering of information and balancing theory and practice. It enables you to build your knowledge steadily over the duration of the course and ultimately find your own voice as a teacher. I would not have asked for it any other way and I cannot wait to start the equipment training."

Helen Batten, graduate February 2015


"I remember reading the testimonials on the Pilates in Motion website before signing up and a lot of people referred to a journey of self-discovery, but I don’t think I really appreciated what that meant until I myself was part of that journey.  At times the journey was tough – Anoushka is a generous and excellent teacher who expects as much as she gives, and this made the course all the more enriching and rewarding.  She remains consistently supportive and encouraging and is a total professional. 

I have learnt a wonderful new skill that I hope will provide me with a rich and varied career, and I love that this skill is something that I will continue to develop and build on for many years to come – the learning never ends!  I have relished learning about movement and anatomy and can’t recall the number of penny-dropping moments I experienced when the newly acquired knowledge clicked into place in my mind and I started to notice things I had always taken for granted before – about our bodies, the way we move, our ‘gives’ and compensations.  Learning how to re-educate others so that they, like us, might improve their quality of life through better movement patterns and the awareness. 

Since graduating I have moved to the South of France and my next challenge is learning to teach in French..."

Melanie Burch, graduate February 2015


"The journey has been immense but I’ve loved it. The course has given me such a deep insight into movement and has made me respect our bodies so much more and understand how important it is for us to move well and teach people to move well. The teaching was excellent. I always found Anoushka’s sessions to be structured, informative, inspiring and supportive.

This course has given me the passion to teach small groups, enabling me to teach the Pilates principles and fundamentals within each class and to watch the group progress. I would also like to teach teenagers as a way of bringing postural awareness and good movement patterns into their lives early on.

I am excited to begin the Studio Teacher Training course at Pilates in Motion, which will feed my desire to continue learning and develop the knowledge I have gained during this course to enhance my mat work and progress to become a Studio Teacher.

As a mother of three, I feel extremely privileged to have found a course, which has enabled me to set out on a new career path with no prior experience, just a passion for Pilates and a strong motivation to learn."

Vanessa Arkell, graduate February 2014


"After a career in retail sales and design with Pilates as my fitness routine I decided to make Pilates more than a hobby and to become a Pilates teacher.

I started the Matwork training Course at Pilates In Motion with Anoushka and Mike in January 2012 and have never looked back.  What separates the Pilates In Motion Teacher training course from the others in London is the perfect balance between theory and practice in their human movement syllabus.

The Matwork course has given me the tools and resources to become a confident teacher with a commitment to Pilates excellence that I share with my clients. It has enabled me as a teacher to support them in rehabilitation and good health through encouraging good movement patterns, improving their strength and making them less injury prone."

Mary Schiffer, graduate February 2014


"The studio course has been a bedrock of information that I can build on. My eyes have been opened to ways of moving and how to facilitate movement in ways I would not have believed. The process is deep and was gradual and layered skillfully…and it is just the beginning. I feel hungry to keep the practice within my body so I can continue to pass it on."

Patrice Munro, Studio graduate, February 2013


"I’ve been teaching matwork for a few years before deciding to join the bridging course. Even tough I felt very confident in my teaching before, I found the Bridging course gave ne the tools to understand movement a lot better and it is knowledge that will go with me to any discipline. It enhanced my ability as a teacher to support clients as they recover from injuries, and challenge them when they are in health. Anoushka is thoughtful, knowledgeable teacher and she strives to get the best out of her students."

Sarit Blum, Studio graduate February 2013


"I don’t think I could possibly have learnt any more on the course! It has given me the background knowledge of anatomy, physiology and related conditions, the ability to breakdown and teach pre-Pilates and Classical exercises and the opportunity to grow in strength and confidence as a teacher and as a person."

Hannah French, graduate December 2012


"I have learnt more than I could have thought possible. It has been a personal journey as I have grown within myself and will continue to grow to be the best teacher I can be."

Rochelle Bloomfield, garduate December 2012


"In doing this course, I have discovered a depth to the body and its movement I would not have thought possible. Understanding this has been personally empowering and I look forward to passing it on as a teacher. It’s important to mange your time and not put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

Patrice Munro, graduate December 2011


"My learning was wider and broader than I could have imagined. I feel thoroughly trained and prepared, but still with plenty of space for further personal development. I feel I have learned a new skill. My learning was much more you can image and have to work harder and put in more hours than you realize but by the end of the course you feel thoroughly trained and prepared for anything and you will have learned some important lessons about yourself."

Liz Murphy, graduate December 2011


"After extensively researching Pilates teacher training providers, I was drawn to Pilates in Motion. After completing the course, which was challenging and rewarding, I know that I made the right decision. The beauty of the course was that each trainee teacher was allowed to develop in their own way. Joseph Pilates worked with his students in different ways depending on their needs and I feel Anoushka worked in the same way by recognizing the different strengths in each trainee. Anoushka’s breadth and depth of knowledge was truly inspirational, as was the knowledge of the visiting lecturers."

Jessica Mynhardt, graduate December 2010


"This course demands a lot from you and gives much in return, and I quite like the fact that people in the know raise their eyebrows in respect when you say who you’re training with. It has the reputation for being the hardest course out there and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way. Anoushka and Mike make a great team and the depth and breadth of their learning ensures that their students are trained to the highest standards. One of the significant strengths of the course is the encouragement to maintain one’s individuality with respect to the application and teaching of pilates which results in turning out confident relaxed trainees. I’m more than proud to say I’m a Pilates in Motion graduate."

Emma Cordingley, graduate December 2010


"Doing the teacher training with Pilates in Motion has been a voyage of discovery in many areas.  I had a basic knowledge of anatomy & physiology prior to the course but knowledge of anatomy & physiology with reference to movement is quite another matter. I have enjoyed learning the classical repertoire and also how to adapt repertoire for various demographics in the community.  We were truly blessed with some of the guest lecturers we had during the course."

Shanti Bhoola-Evans, graduate December 2010


"After spending many hours researching Pilates courses, a Pilates in Motion graduate recommended Anoushkas course, and I am very glad that she did. Before I started I was warned about the amount of work that would be required from me, however I still believed I could complete the course while working full time. I never imagined it would be as difficult as it turned out to be, but I will never regret my decision. The last 14 months have been extremely challenging, but also personally rewarding, and I have made friends for life!"

Jenny Thomson, graduate, December 2010


"I believe that the course is one of the most life changing things I have done so far. I have learnt so much, not only about myself but about the importance of having the right support network around you."

Linda Hardwick, graduate December 2010


"The course was enlightening, challenging and sometimes a little overwhelming, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world - a case of the journey being just as important as the end result."
Holly Nuttal, graduate September 2009

"Enrolling in the course provided by Pilates in Motion has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. It is hard work and commitment, though what I received in return is invaluable on many different levels. Anoushka is a very inspiring person and teacher. Tactful and grounded, she has a way of communicating with her students which is effective, and makes sense. The course is made of a team of professionals who are expert in their field, and curious to increase their knowledge."
Cécile Bushidi, graduate September 2009

"I originally qualified to teach on a course at OCR level 2 that was recognised at a national level by the National Curriculum and Qualifications Authority. It quickly became apparent that there were gaping holes in my understanding. At which point I decided to further my training by undertaking the course delivered by Anoushka Boone.  It has utterly transformed my understanding and, as a consequence, my teaching skills.  The first short course arguably equipped me to teach in a fitness environment.  This course enables me to do that much more effectively and also to teach people with all sorts of physical challenges and thus to work remedially as well as in a sports context. The quality of tutors on the course is unparalleled featuring physiotherapists, osteopaths, experienced Pilates teachers, body workers from other disciplines such as yoga and the Alexander technique.  The range and expertise on offer delivers a truly holistic training and one where participants can absorb influences from Western as well as Eastern thought. I feel privileged to have been accepted onto this course and know that my teaching has taken a quantum leap and that it will continue to evolve using the tools and knowledge judiciously offered by Anoushka Boone."
Nicky Pallot, graduate September 2009

"When I first started the course I didn't know Anoushka and was led to it by a mere gut feeling. After the first weekend I knew I had made the right choice. Throughout the 14 months of the course I have gained much more than just knowledge. I have gained the confidence to become a teacher. Anoushka manages to provide a safe environment to ask questions, and to look at everything from different points of view.  She helped me find the kind of teacher I want to be, and encouraged me to always keep searching. Surrounded with a network of gifted teachers that come from different fields, I feel that this course truly opened my mind."
Sarit Blum, graduate September 2009


"After graduating from Anoushka’s matwork teacher training program I decided that I wanted to continue my education with her and enrolled to Pilates in Motion bridging course (studio Pilates). In both cases I have researched other providers, as well, and found that Pilates in Motion’s course is the most comprehensive and also time compatible for me. Upon my first enrolment, although I was told by Anoushka that the course is very demanding, I did not really comprehend it until I was doing it.  There is a lot of material covered and lots of assignments to do. This is a ‘no nonsense’ course, very intensive and educational and it becomes ones journey of personal development, also learning to take responsibility for that journey. Luckily Anoushka is very professional and provides support throughout.  She is always available to provide advice and direction. From the start we were regularly provided with very comprehensive manuals for both theory and the practical part of the course. During the course we had number of visiting lecturers. It was great to have the opportunity to learn so much about human anatomy and pathology and also to discover so many approaches to teaching human movement. In retrospect although it was hard work, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I enjoyed the course so much and I thank Anoushka for her continuing support and guidance."
Monika Zarebska, graduate December 2008


"I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it offers so much more than a basic training in how to teach Pilates matwork exercises." 
Claire Neesham, graduate December 2007

"Although the course was a lot more work than I was expecting, I enjoyed almost every part of it. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I had professionally. We benefited from a diverse group of teachers who each had a different approach and years of experience. The support within the group was amazing and I have made friends I know I’ll have for life." 
Lauren McCarthy, graduate December 2007


"Anoushka´s teacher training is simply excellent! There is a variety of lecturers in a wide range of relevant subjects. The mix of people within our group itself made the journey very rich with plenty of material to work with and think about. The perfect balance between theory and practise maximised learning and kept it both interesting and challenging. You will need to be open minded, and be ready to work hard but no doubt about it, she offers the very best in Pilates teacher training!" 
Agur Arrien, graduate December 2007

"The Pilates In Motion teacher training course was for me, a highly educational period and a unexpected personal journey. I found it both challenging and rewarding, and I enjoyed the new information I acquired and shared with my fellow students. Anoushka's professional approach and continuous support, her dedication, and teaching style were inspirational and invaluable. I learnt so much from her and the various guest teachers who were invited to lecture and present workshops throughout the course. The teacher training gave me the knowledge and essential skills to begin my teaching career and I will always be grateful to the support I have received both during and after the course."
Beata Ghavimi, graduate December 2006