Pilates Mat Certification – entry to Bridging Course

Why choose us? 

Joseph Pilates created the original mat exercises as ‘homework’ for his students to do on the days that they weren’t working with him, at his studio, on the apparatus. The Pilates in Motion course is designed to give students the experience and understanding of the mat exercises in the context of working on the apparatus. The beauty of working with the apparatus is the constant feedback loop between the individual practicing and the apparatus in use as well as close supervision of a teacher. 

We have seen repeatedly that Mat qualified teachers have felt huge benefits to their understanding of the Matwork and therefore their teaching as a result of undertaking the Studio training so our intention is to bring the benefits of the apparatus work ‘forward’, into the Mat teacher training course structure.

Joseph Pilates only taught private sessions. It was never meant to be taught in big classes as the close supervision is not there. We highly recommend all students to gain the experience of working with the apparatus. 


  1. Course Information
  2. Aims and Objectives
  3. Eligibility
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Format
  6. Certification
  7. Assessment methods
  8. Certification costs and requirements 
  9. How to Apply 
  10. Supporting Documents


Dates:                          January 2019 – January 2020 

Hours:                         600 hours

Location:                    Pilates in Motion Studio

Application fee:         £100

Cost:                          £3600 (including application fee) 

Tutors:                        Anoushka Boone, Mike Perry

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Aims and Objectives:

  • Proficient in execution of Pilates mat exercises from Beginner through to Advanced. 
  • Understanding the fundamentals of group dynamics
  • Developing communication skills for successful teaching:
    • Confident in interacting with clients 
    • Building rapport
    • Understand a client’s learning process and development 
  • Proficiency at identifying the principles of biomechanics, kinesiology, motor learning and neuromuscular facilitation that help in the process of critical reasoning. 
  • Ability to design sessions and programs that help solve clients’ problems, assess their needs, meet their goals and help motivate them
  • Gain a deep understanding of the precautions and contraindications of Pilates exercises in relation to conditions
  • Proficient at verbal and tactile cueing, combined with imagery to facilitate accurate execution of the movements.
  • Confident in the practical application of the repertoire through the use of case studies.
  • Skilled at exercise breakdown and modifications for a variety of special populations. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Health and Safety issues and recognise how to deal with emergency situations.
  • Promote and manage your business and know how to continue your professional development (CPD)
  • Plan for your own further development as a professional Pilates teacher, including action plans for the future.

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Eligibility - Ideal for: 

  • Pilates enthusiasts with a regular practice
  • Career changers
  • Health and fitness professionals
  • Movement teachers (yoga, dance)
  • Pilates enthusiasts committed to regular, organised, self-motivated, independent study
  • Pilates enthusiasts who want to work with others

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  • A basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Serious and committed students with a solid foundation in the Classical and contemporary approaches to Pilates
  • Have a mentor: 
    • This could be your regular teacher or 
    • Create a relationship with one of our teachers.
  • Complete pre-course requirements.

*Candidates with no prior movement practice should have 2 years of regular and consistent Pilates practice 

We can’t stress enough that you should come to the course prepared. Make sure you have completed all pre-course requirements (40 hrs). Pilates in Motion course is a fantastic qualification and one that is held in high regard within the industry. Prepare and you will be able to enjoy the course and get the most out of it.

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Format:                        12 modules – 1 module/month

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Pilates in Motion offers a number of support options to help you pass your practical teaching with confidence. It’s important to book regular private sessions (at least monthly) with a member of our team. They will help keep you on track with your application of the method as well as your shadowing teaching hours. You can also get together with other students (up to 3) to share private tuition costs.  

To graduate, you need to demonstrate your competence as a Pilates in Motion Mat teacher. This is a fundamental part of the training where you complete:

  • 175 contact hours
  • 50 hours of practical sessions with a qualified teacher
  • 50 hours of shadowing a qualified teacher. 
  • 5 hours of sessions with course directors
  • 75 hours of guided learning
  • 280 hours of self-study

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Assessment methods

Formative assessment: on-going assessment throughout the course in order to provide feedback on what you are learning.

Summative assessment: this is final assessment in order to obtain a result, which will count towards your overall assessment result.

  • Written papers
  • Case studies
  • Self-Assessment
  • Evidence of portfolios
  • Practical assessment

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Certification costs and requirements                        

£200 per certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive: 

  • Pilates in Motion Certificate
  • An invitation to join IPTA (the Independent Pilates Teachers Association)
  • Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates
  • The opportunity to join REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals)


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 How to apply:

To provide the highest level of personal attention, our course is strictly limited to a maximum of 8 students and will start January 2019. We encourage you to apply before 30thNovember 2018.

All applications will be reviewed and assessed for eligibility and places allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

The information provided is treated as confidential and will only be seen by those teachers and staff involved with the teacher training course.

The following steps need to be completed in full before we can guarantee your place on the course:

Step 1: Complete and submit Enquiry Form 

Step 2: Send 2 passport sized photographs

Step 3: Complete Application Form together with application fee £100

Step 4: Arrange a private session with Mike or Anoushka (included in application fee)

Step 5: Book a mat session with one of our teachers (included in application fee)

Step 6: Arrange an interview

Step 7: Your application will be confirmed as successful or unsuccessful

Step 8: Once accepted, make deposit payment of £400 to secure your place

To begin the process, everyone must submit the Enquiry Form, and 2 Referee Forms. Once these have been received and your eligibility confirmed, the Application Form will be sent to you for completion. Please ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements or explain any circumstances you would like us to take into account. 

We will review your application within 7 days.

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Supporting documents

Two passport sized photographs:
 Electronic versions can be emailed: anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org
 Please provide us with your full name when emailing photos.
Two letters of reference.

Your referees should know you well and be able to give an assessment of your suitability for the course, together with a brief character reference. In addition, your Pilates teacher referee should have of good knowledge of your Pilates practice. 

  • First referee (download form here): 

Your Pilates teacher (compulsory unless you are a regular student of Anoushka   Boone or Mike Perry)

  • Second referee (download form here): May be selected from the following source:

-      Recent college or course tutor

-      Recent or current employer

-      Second Pilates teacher with whom you have practiced regularly 


Send all documentation to: anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org. Alternatively, you can post them back to us at the studio address:

Pilates in Motion Studio

Anoushka Boone

The Garage, 2A Curzon Road

W5 1NF

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