Pilates Teacher Training Program


Do you:

Have a regular (minimum 2 classes per week) Pilates practice?

Have a passion for movement?

Want to make a difference to other people's lives?

Are you:

Looking for a change?

Committed to regular, organised, self-motivated, independent study?

Able to work with others? 

Pilates in Motion provides a unique teacher training programme, teaching the classical and evolved approaches to Pilates, in a thorough and intensive format. The classical approach is the original method of teaching Pilates, which over the decades has been proven to achieve unparalleled results for clients. Pilates in Motion offers a solid training that focuses on the theory and principles behind the Pilates Method, and how this relates to fundamental movement patterning, anatomy and physiology.

The classical approach focuses on a systematic, integrated sequence of exercises performed with a co-ordinated flow of breath and movement. Learning the combination of classical and evolved repertoire creates a robust foundation for the new teacher. He/she will then have the skill and the knowledge to teach the broadest spectrum of the population -  teenagers to pensioners, desk-bound chronic back pain sufferer to sports people.

The Pilates industry is now affiliated with the Register of Exercise Professionals and Skills Active, and since September 2013, Pilates in Motion has offered the Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates, accredited by the London Central YMCA, offering our graduates both professional and vocational certification.


Pilates in Motion has the unique opportunity to map the existing course with the diploma course. The diploma course gives you the foundation to be an instructor and Pilates in Motion Teacher Training Course gives you the skill and knowledge to be an excellent teacher.


In June 2013, a new association, IPTA, was established. Anoushka, together with 6 other Pilates professionals, is a founder member of the Independent Pilates Teachers Association and is currently serving on the board of directors. IPTA is an association of independent Pilates Teachers who share a commitment to develop their practice through a process of collaboration. IPTA aims to be a vibrant, mutually supportive community of teaching professionals who respect the focus and individual approach of those within it, and which recognises and embraces the expertise, experience and diversity of the contemporary Pilates profession.

Through a process of association between its members IPTA' s mission statement is to help teachers establish and develop their practice by providing a platform for dynamic exchange of information and a variety of formal and informal opportunities for learning and professional development.


IPTA represents the shared vision of a small group of experienced Pilates teachers dedicated to exchanging their knowledge and skills who believe that it is knowledge that connects and association that makes learning possible. Upon completion of the course, you will be invited to join IPTA.


Next course start date:

Last weekend of October, 2018

If you are interested in the course, please email Anoushka Boone: anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org.



Pilates in Motion Studio Teacher training Course is appropriate for Pilates matwork teachers who hold a certicate and have been taking Pilates apparatus classes.

The course aims to uphold the highest standards of teaching:

  • To develop your knowledge of the Pilates Method apparatus exercise repertoire, including variations and applications for specific needs.
  • To further develop your knowledge of anatomy and physiology and teaching methods; and the ability to recognise, through postural and movement analysis, what exercises would be of benefit to an individual to realign and balance their body, including rehabilitation of injuries in relation to the equipment.
  • To enable you to teach, demonstrate and adapt the apparatus exercises to clients of varying ages and capabilities
  • To enable you to communicate clearly and teach with an understanding of clients’ learning processes and development
  • To develop your ability to plan and deliver Pilates apparatus sessions/classes.
  • To enable you to develop knowledge of health and safety issues in a Pilates studio teaching environment.
  • To encourage the development of the interpersonal skills needed to work in the Pilates industry.

The Studio course takes the form of an apprenticeship, and start dates are variable.

To apply for either course, please contact Anoushka, by email: anoushka@pilatesinmotion.org