Pilates in Motion Testimonials

"I took up Pilates about two years ago as I was suffering from severe back pain and friends suggested it. Since then my back pain has disappeared, my posture is better and I feel so much better in myself. People who haven't seen me for a while comment on how well  I look!!. But one of the best things about the studio is the teachers. In particular Joyce who teaches me. She is demanding and gets me to really push myself but makes it really fun at the same time. She really manages to strike a balance between the serious side which in Pilates is about getting the movements precise, developing those parts of you which need strengthening such as the core, and having a great time.
I'd strongly recommend Pilates in Motion and my wife now attends as well."
Graham J


"I started attending Pilates in Motion about 4 years ago ( can't believe it's this long....). I was suffering from quite severe osteoarthritis, with 2 frozen shoulders and occasional headaches, radiating from arthritic vertebrae in the neck. In short - a wreck. A friend recommended the studio, and I thought I had nothing to lose, so I went.

4 years later - and I am pain free. I tried semiprivate, then Studio class, but eventually graduated to Anoushka, whom I revere, although she does stretch me to my limits sometimes. I like the studio, liked all my previous teachers, like the atmosphere - friendly and humorous yet serious about the work. I have never persevered with any exercise before, but now will not miss a session if I am in the country.

Thank you Mike and Anoushka. You have a great thing going."

Vera M


"I started the studio classes with Pilates in Motion a few years ago hoping to see benefits on several levels. I am an active person and keen runner however my job involves sitting at my desk all day (number crunching) and I have noticed bad posture and other tensions in my body creeping up. My weekly Pilates class soon became the class to look forward to, I enjoy the technique, the constant challenges, the teachers' amazing knowledge, patience and motivating approach and not in the least the improvements I noticed in my stamina, posture and running. I couldn't recommend it enough!"

Magda A


"I credit Pilates in Motion with my recovery after complications suffered during a difficult pregnancy. The personalised one to one exercise from the excellent Pilates instructors was a big part of my physical recovery."

Gayle W


"Anoushka and Mike are a winning team - they run a light and airy, well equipped Pilates studio with great enthusiasm and professionalism. I have been extremely fortunate to have benefited from one to one weekly lesson with Anoushka for many years and would highly recommend her as an expert Pilates teacher who is caring and supportive to all her clients’ needs." 
Eileen S


"Having suffered chronic lower back pain for many months, I was keen to find a Pilates studio that I felt had a good balance between friendly, relaxed and professional. I knew from having  attended classes for just a just a short while, Pilates is Motion was the right place. More than three years later, I feel I have benefited from the dedicated teaching and patience of Mike, Sana and Joyce.

My overall well being has improved for the better and I am now more aware of the importance of coordination, breathing, body alignment, etc. The weekly Pilates class has become part of my life."

Marie O 


"For the past year I have been working out in both the Studio Classes and on a One-to-One basis with Mike to improve my fitness, mobility and toning. Mike, Anoushka and the staff are extremely friendly and professional and have given me the motivation and confidence to try new exercises on a tri-weekly basis. I highly recommend their technique of teaching and dedication to all clients, and it is the quality and accuracy of movement that they have taught me that has been so beneficial.

I am much stronger and agile today than I was a year ago when I joined Pilates in Motion and I still enjoy and look forward to my tri-weekly sessions of Pilates, and strength training with Mike, which has now become an integral part of my routine."

Sabrina G


"I started attending classes at Pilates in Motion five years ago as I was suffering from chronic back pain.  Since then, my condition has improved significantly, as has my posture, general strength and fitness.  

I have been taught by a number of different instructors at Pilates in Motion over the years, and have always been impressed by their professionalism, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in me and my condition.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is considering taking up Pilates, whether suffering from back pain or for any other reason."  

William L