This is a rehash (reboot might sound more 21st Century) of an earlier post – because it continues to hold true and is important to remember.

Some history

Joseph Pilates published a pamphlet of exercises in 1945, intended as a ‘homework’ guide for his students. These are the original Mat exercises, though many of them are not original, in that he did not invent them all. He did not ‘own’ the exercises, just as we don’t own them now – they can all be found (along with the apparatus exercises) on the internet and watched free of charge. Selling the exercises does not make for a very good business model these days.

Our offering

Happily for us, we’re not trying to sell exercises. What we are committed to offering (in addition to the free exercises) is an environment dedicated to learning and success, and a high standard of teaching. Our goal is for you to leave your class feeling better than when you arrived, having learned something new, and having made some progress – perhaps understanding the wonders of your own body a little more.