Last week I wrote about the exercises being free and, therefore, our offering being high quality teaching in a supportive environment. It seems reasonable to ask what you can expect as an outcome from the great teaching and environment that we are offering.

First principles

We start with the belief (we might even say ‘knowledge’) that you are in shape, that is to say that your body is ideal according to the information that your system (mind and body) has. We are constantly adapting to suit our current environment and activity – if you spend time sitting in front of a computer terminal you will be adapting in order to do this with as little energy expended as possible. It’s as if your brain is asking “What are we doing now?” and on receiving the information about position and actions is then saying “Okay, let’s get really good at this.” The priority is energy efficiency, not joint health, elasticity of tissue or any other considerations.


The primary learning that we want to facilitate in our classes is self-awareness. The better our own understanding is of our own body, of how it ‘fits together’ and how we move the fitter we become. Fitness in the truest sense of being adaptable to a wide variety of environments and circumstances. The more we know about our physical selves the more options we have for moving efficiently. Bio-mechanically efficient movement, that supports joint health and elastic tissues, becomes more and more energy efficient.

What about my abs?

In case the above sounds like we’re not offering changes to your muscle tone, or strength, allow me to clarify. An exercise regime that concentrates on muscle development (whether it’s ‘lean tone’ or bulk) without the development of awareness is an invitation to undermine the health of our joints and the elasticity of our tissues. Joints that aren’t ‘fitting’ together well are prone to degenerative changes – if we strengthen muscles around that joint we risk strengthening the misalignment.

Developing the awareness that allows us to move well, and position ourselves well, is the ideal basis for developing muscles that work well, and are the shape and size that our body needs.